Rules For Taking Good Pictures

In photography, there are certain rules that I like to follow. These rules are mostly just common things that one should do or follow in order to get the most out of your pictures and experience. Everyone would like to take better pictures right? So here are some tips to follow to help you take better photos!

1. This is the most important tip and piece of advice I can every give anyone. I have taught several small classes and this is my first rule of photography. Take pictures for yourself first! This means that when you go to take a photograph, you have to have some reason for yourself to be taking it. Whether it is a beautiful flower you like, a classic car or a moment in time. The reason needs to be for your satisfaction first. See the idea is that if you are taking photos for you first; then you put more effort and care into the photo then if you are doing it to achieve something.

2. Always be prepared. It is one thing to see something as your are walking or driving by, however, if you know you are going to be out to take photos make sure you come prepared. That means that you checked that you have a memory card or two, batteries are charged, and that if you are using an SLR camera that it is clean lenses and all. Have all your equipment that you need ready the night before or hours beforehand is always the best practice. Sometimes, getting to know where you are going and researching before you go out is also a very good idea.

3. Experiment! Photography isn’t simply about taking pictures. It is and can be art! So experiment with different settings and get out of that comfort auto zone. You just may surprise yourself.

4. Don’t always go out taking photos around the same times. Go at different times to experience the different challenges of light at different times of the day. There are a lot of people who avoid taking photos at night. Challenge yourself and go out and do it. Learn from your experiences so that you know for next time.

5. Most of all…. Have fun with it. Photography is meant to be enjoyable and about capturing a moment in time, provoke emotion and making a connection with that moment. Because, no two moments are ever the same.

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