“Wetlands At Sunset” by Jarrod Ames Photography

Wetlands at Sunset Web

This is one of my favorite images that I have taken. It was May 6th, 2014 and I was coming home that afternoon from seeing a friend of mine. As I was driving along the freeway on my way home I saw this amazing sky forming with the clouds. I knew that I wanted to photograph it and capture this sunset. I instantly knew the location I wanted to capture this moment at. So I hurried home to grab my equipment and backpack and head out before it was gone.

Just 5 minutes away from my home is the #WetlandsPark in Las Vegas, NV. This particular park is filled with gems of photo opportunities at the right moments. I quickly walked straight to this point in the trail where the main trail branches off to this dirt trail road. By the time I set up my camera and the tripod the sun was getting close to setting. As I took a few test shots to dial in the necessary setting, I caught this little break in the clouds where the sun came through. When this happened, the sun gave this warm cast onto the tall grass that you see in the picture. I quickly took a few snaps of this and just as fast at it came around it was gone. I stayed for a little longer waiting for anymore opportunities at a few other spots but left very happy with this shot.

I came home and immediately loaded the photos up and saw this photo was exactly what I had wanted to capture. I used a little photoshop to pull back some of the shadows in the foreground to really reveal that golden cast the sun had given to the moment. I really hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do.

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