Crescent Of The Canyon by Jarrod Ames Photography

Cresent Moon of The Canyon Copyright web

This has become an iconic spot to be photographed at the Antelope Slot canyons. This particular spot has been photographed by several famous photographers including Peter Lik. The day I was there it was a cool February day and very sunny out. So the light coming through the top of the canyon was full and really able to bring out all the colors of this spot.

I set up my camera on my tripod and set the remote shutter so that way I could allow for the most light in without over exposing the picture. Unlike most images of this spot, my image is one single image and not an HDR. This is by far one of the most colorful images I took that day and very happy with how it turned out. I call this photograph “Crescent of the Canyon” due to the crescent like shape of the yellows and oranges.

Thank you for stopping by and viewing this image. Don’t forget to stop by my Facebook page and if you are interested in my prints please check out my site message me there as I am working to lower costs of production for my photos and new prices are not up on the site yet.


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