A Storm Blows Through Las Vegas

On Monday March 2nd, there was a storm that came through Las Vegas in the late afternoon. I was at work for most of the day, however, when I got of the storm was just starting to roll through. I noticed how amazing the clouds looked and just realizing how the sky was going to give so many possible opportunities. So I quickly got home and grabbed my equipment to head out to what has become my favorite spot to shoot pictures in Las Vegas.

The Clark County Wetlands in Las Vegas has produced some of my best images. Even on a clear day this place can produce at least one to two good images. This place has never let me down though when it comes to storms here in Vegas, which are few and far between. The first image I captured was of one of the many wildlife that resides at the wetlands. I turned it black and white and I am still currently working on that image. However, there are several images that I walked away that day with that I am very happy with.

The three images that really captured the day and the storm where from parts all along the same path. This path walks from north to south and winds around the east end of the wetlands. Which is great for sunrise and sunsets mostly and especially for storms since in Vegas nearly all storms flow from west to east. The first image is a field of tall grass that literally comes to a point. I mostly like the image for the clouds, the formation and colors of the sky. The second is an image of a dirt path that S curves around and is lined with the tall grass. This photo is a different perspective then I usually get of this path and I love how the dark clouds really add to the emotion of the coming storm. The last photo I am going to share with you is of a break in the storm I caught while up on the main bridge there at the wetlands. It has a view of the Las Vegas strip and the mountains behind it. I was lucky enough to capture this break with a view of some of the hotel lights and Ferris wheel lights on and mountains.

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Colorful Clouds Web DSC_4413 web DSC_4445


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