“Forest Light” A Moment In Sequoia

Forest Light copy web

Hello everyone! I’m finally getting around to posting and writing about this particular image. For lots of reasons I just love this image. For me, this image summed up my day at Sequoia National Park. The day was heavily overcast and just not giving any dramatic pictures with clouds or light at all. I had only taken maybe about 70 photos or so the whole day as the light was just poor. However, towards the end of the day the sun did start to break through occasionally and really light up the drab forest tree lines.

This image is actually the last shot of the day I took and turned out to be the best photo of that trip. I had started to walk back to my car because the clouds were starting to roll in through the forest. I didn’t want to get caught driving through dense clouds so I headed back. I was a little upset because the sun had just broken through this patch of trees and I wanted to photograph it a little longer. On my way back to the car the I noticed the clouds faintly around my legs. I looked back at the path and as I did, I noticed this beautiful image. The was just breaking through, the clouds very faintly and softly along the tree floor and no one else around. I quickly grabbed my camera and took about 6 pictures before finally giving up on this shot. It was dark and trying to shoot at a higher aperture and low iso just was not working out.

When I got back home this was again a photo I passed on to work on some others first. I later came back to this image hoping to pull something out of the shadows. I was so amazed about what I had captured and what photoshop helped me get from this image. I feel incredibly lucky to have taken this photo and even luckier that I was able to recover it!

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