Storm On The Horizon by Jarrod Ames Photography

Cloudy Plateau Panoramic copyright

“Storm On The Horizon” is an image that I took on a recent trip to Zion National Park. Both days were filled with lots of photographic opportunities, even though the weather was less than ideal. There was thunder, lighting, heavy rain, wind and even some hail!! I think what I enjoyed the most other than the company I was with was the drive into Zion. There are almost as many great photo spots just driving up to the national park and this spot was one of them.

I had seen this spot the day earlier, however, the day before was not as interesting as this day. Waking up that day to see the overcast day I was excited and hopeful that today would be more dynamic then the day before. The clouds didn’t disappoint me at all! I knew there could be at least a few spots to really take advantage of the clouds so I was hoping, waiting and watching.

As I was driving up to Zion National Park, I kept my eye on the clouds in the sky just waiting for them to open up. Upon turning around this bend, I saw this great dynamic between the landscape and the sky. I immediately pulled over onto this dirt road and began to set up my shot. Choosing the right lens was half the battle! Should I go for a sweeping landscape and take in everything or should I simply focus in tight. I decided that the only way to really convey the moment was to encompass the entire landscape and dramatic clouds in the sky.

I framed up the scene and realized that one shot just wasn’t going to be enough! So I flipped my camera into portrait and took a series of 6 photos to capture this panoramic. I know that this was the best way to capture the sweeping landscape and the moment! I feel lucky to have been able to capture this moment and share it with you. Enjoy!!

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