A Flower By Any Other Name


This image was taken at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. I visit California often, however, I never had visited the mission before and often passed on seeing it. So on a visit two weeks ago I paid the famous mission a visit. Not knowing really what to expect I really didn’t have high hopes.

Once in the Mission I realized how wrong I had been about the mission. It is an amazing place with so many wonderful things to see. The first noticeable thing about the mission is that the property is huge! It is much larger then I had expected and was honestly prepared for. There is ruins still standing of the old original mission and in pretty good shape. But for me the real highlights for me were the lily pond fountains and the flowers scattered about the property.

From the moment I saw this flower I was drawn to it, like I was meant to photograph it. It was the only flower of its kind in the fountain pond and it was all alone. I was captivated by its color and how it stood out among all the others. I knew there was something very special about this flower and that I needed to capture it just right. I grabbed my second camera with my telephoto lens because I didn’t want to lose the moment. I zoomed in tight and then backed off until I found the best composition. I just love how delicate the flower came out how colorful and bold the contrast. But most of all I love how beautifully simple the image really is.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the image.. Check out my other images at http://www.jarrodamesphotography.com


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