“Old Wagon” by Jarrod Ames Photography

Old Wagon

Sometimes the best shots are the ones you least expect. This is definitely one of those images… Upon my trip to Utah to visit Zion National Park, I came across this wonderfully eclectic place just outside of Zion. There was a petting zoo and some miniature old west buildings that where fun to take photos of. However, this image instantly drew my attention. Being that I love black and white images this jumped right out at me.

This old wagon was sitting on the side of the main building with the plateaus behind it and the storm approaching. There really was so much dynamics going into this shot… Finding that right angle to shoot, getting the right depth of field and the correct exposure. The old wagon, however, had so much detail in it, so worn from time, so many stories within it. This moment for me was like a step back in time, to a way of life long ago.

I hope you enjoy the image as much as I do. Please like, comment and share!

Nikon D800 with a Tokina 17-35 F4 lens


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