Plane Wreck

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting an old ghost town in southern Nevada. This ghost town has many old cars, buildings and this plane wreckage to photograph. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of things to photograph out there and how easy it was to get there. 

Upon visiting I checked in with the care taker and got some information about the place. He was incredibly friendly and offered some good info. I started to walk around just taking in the place and getting a feel for the nostalgia of items to shoot. When I was ready… I made my way to this wreckage. 

This plane wreck was the reason for my visit and I wanted to capture it with a specific idea in my mind. I wanted this image to really take you back in time. To give it a real feel for the time period in which it had existed. I originally wanted a black and white image. However, upon returning home I knew that it had to look antique. So I transformed it to look like an old newspaper clipping from what would have been the era. I’m very pleased by the results and happy to share it with you! 


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