Using Lines In Photography

Road Into The Fire

Road Into The Fire

Using lines is often an element of photography. Photographers use the to lead or guide the viewers eyes within the image. Sometimes these lines can be subtle and sometimes these lines are right smack in our faces. Nevertheless, lines can be a powerful tool in photography.

On this day I had the pleasure of visiting Valley of Fire in Nevada. This is a great place for photography as there is so much to see out there. I still have yet to really photography the whole park and see everything out there. However, on this day the sky was pretty boring and the light was just not as interesting. So with these challenges comes new opportunities!

Right by the interesting Elephant Rock is the main highway that leads in and out of the park by Lake Mead. It is here that I took the above image to still create something interesting. I used the highway road lines as a guide to lead the viewer deeper into the Valley of Fire. I also choose an angle to really emphasis the road and the lines. Giving the image a feel of freedom, exploration and the road ahead.

In your future photography endeavors try using lines within the image. Create drama in the frame and use the lines to guide your viewer in or out the frame.


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