Pyramid Of The Sun


It’s been a while since my last post… Sorry for the time away but I have some wonderful images to share for it! This particular image was taken on a recent trip to Mexico this past Halloween. On one afternoon I took a trip to see the pyramids just outside of Mexico in Teotihucan. Here stands two pyramids from long ago, the pyramid of the moon and this pyramid of the sun.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the main feature of this area as many people climb the numerous stone steps all the way to the top. The Pyramid of the Moon is only accessible to a certain point and no climbing allowed beyond it. From the top of the Pyramid of the Sun is a magnificent scenery of the “path of the dead” and the other pyramid. As well as several other sites visible from the top of the pyramid. The site is full of little souvenir stands and tourists as this is one of the largest attractions in Mexico.

This image was taken at the very end of the day and ironically the last image of that visit there. The area closes at dusk which was a perfect opportunity to take this picture. Typically the pyramid is full of people and not easily photographed. So as the sun was setting I looked back and saw these beautiful clouds behind the pyramid creating a perfect backdrop. I hurried back up to what is the beginning of the area and a small set of stone stairs. I waited for a few people to move and the light was perfect… I absolutely love how this image came out! The colors of the sky, clouds and the pyramid standing alone in its magnificence.

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