Tree Of Mystery

JT1_2688 BW web

It’s been awhile since my last post! I have been very busy between traveling and other work. So now I am going to make up for some lost time on here.

This image is called “Tree Of Mystery” because from a lot of people have told me that this picture has a sort of Wizard of OZ feel to it. I took this photograph while traveling through the Grand Canyon National Park back in February of this year 2016. I originally saw this tree with some snow fall just below it and thought that would be a great image. However, after a few shots and adjustments I just wasn’t happy with outcome. But… The tree is what was really capturing my attention. So I decided to shift my focus to the tree and how the sunlight was hitting it just at that moment. So I dialed in my settings and framed the picture just as I envisioned and…. the first shot I nailed this image! I knew immediately that I had something really special.

Upon returning from my trip this was the first image I knew I wanted to edit and finish. However, the color version looked great but I felt that it was missing something. That it just wasn’t as dramatic as I had seen it in real life. So I turned the image to Black and White and POP! There was the magic I had seen while standing there! I can’t say enough how lucky I feel to have seen this moment in time and be able to capture it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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